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Jonathan Globerman, The Biostation

The Biostation views the most important part of health and wellness is that each person is an individual, and as an individual, each person has a unique genetic makeup which has its own specific needs and requirements for nutrition and fitness.

Thus, the Biostation takes an individualized approach to health and wellness, which is based on science and medicine. With his partners, among them are medical directors, doctors, and health professionals, The Biostation is able to provide people with new and innovative ways to achieve health and wellness, beyond what is regularly available to anyone.

Jonathan Globerman at the Biostation provides a unique and revolutionized service for health and wellness, and age management. The Biostation will help both men and women a new and medically based approach to their health and continued well being. Jonathan Globerman’s mission is to help people reclaim the health they felt at their peak, to help people reach their full potential of health, and how to manage themselves through life. The Biostation wants to help you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.

Each client at the Biostation receives personalized treatments and customized plans tailored to their individual inner makeups.

Jonathan Globerman, Dr. Martin G BloomThe Biostation: Methods

The Biostation offers many methods to help you realize your potential, and to go beyond what is available to you in the gym, and in the kitchen.

The Biostation employs medical techniques like Nutraceutical Therapy, Nutrient IV Therapy, and Hormone Replacement Therapy as part of their arsenal to help people achieve Total Wellness. Dr. Martin G Bloom monitors individual wellness plans for each client.

Nutraceuticals help individuals recover and rejuvinate from busy and active lifestyles. Things like amino acids, and discovering all the things your body is craving to replenish its life and energy.

The Biostation’s treatments are all based on science and medicine. The Biostation is led and operated by skilled and experienced medical professionals whose expertise is health, wellness, and nutrition. The Biostation’s business and treatments are steered by Dr. Martin Bloom, and MD, and the Medical Director of The Biostation. Co-founded by Jonathan Globerman, The Biostation is a medical facility, run by a team of experienced individuals who understand what it takes to maximize your potential, and realize your utmost health and total wellness.