Mental Strength: Finding Your Resolve

We have all been there before…

Woman lying on the boardwalk

Staying Devoted Ins’t Always Easy

Situation A: Its been a whole month and a half since I set out to get in great shape for the new year… It has also been an entire month since I’ve been to the gym. I went for two weeks straight and then my work started creeping up, I have to handle my taxes… But wait! That was my resolution… I can’t back out now! There’s still time left and I spent a hundred dollars on my new gym gear. Ok. I’ll go out tonight! Let me just- oh! The phone… I guess I don’t know whether that’s really and truly saved by the bell… Not in the long run…

Situation B: I’m trying my best. I’ve been going at this steady for a long time now. I’ve developed results and I can see that I’m looking and feeling better, but l’ve been feeling the same now for too long. At the beginning, results took on fast. Now I seem to be stagnated and can’t get any further. I’ve stayed true to my regimen and have blown past my friends… now they’re all catching up to me… Come on, let me get more than just 12 reps of this weight…

If its situation A, situation B, C, or D, it doesn’t matter. You are not alone. Not in the very least. Working out is hard. Staying fit is no easy task. What you need to find here, or in any task whether it work, family, project, or health itself, is to find Resolve.

Above all else in your journey to Wellness, the first and number one priority in your list should always be mental strength. Well it may not be something you can search for itself, you can develop it in yourself and apply it to any ongoing endeavor. In my case, I use mental strength to enforce the platform of all my activities: Fitness, and General Health.

How do you find mental strength? There are a variety of tactics, practices, and tricks which will help you develop the capacity for mental strength, or mental toughness. In the end, all of these means represent an end which is a change in perception, and a way of viewing things- circumstance, obstacles, opportunities, which can help you surmount any momentary “delay”, and help you recognize that something like this is not so much a delay in itself, but a feeling, which can be translated into opportunity.

Find your resolve. Its right in the way you look at things.