3 Exercises to Solidify Mental Strength

Choose When and Where You Apply Your Mind

Much like ensuring that you focus on the positive aspects of life, or on solutions, how you expend your mental energy is an essential part of your mental strength.

Even the best of minds can become inefficient if they are spread too thin. The best of the best choose where they apply their mind. A successful entrepreneur is able to select the projects he or she applies themselves to. Just like them, you should be able to select the thoughts and projects to which you apply yourself.

Especially when it comes to worry, be careful that you are not spending all your brainpower on worry. Not only will this drive much needed attention and capability away from what your priorities are, it will additionally introduce the brain-killing effects of stress on the human body. Did you know stress can be more harmful to your health than cigarettes? Leave the stress behind, and focus on the things you love, and the things you want to leave behind.

Jonathan Globerman, Meditation

Learn to Accept Hardship

Whether it is big or small, tragedy or inconvenience, any type of discomfort can take a toll on your mental health. The key here is that you can conquer the feelings and emotions associated with discomfort by accepting them.

Nothing will ever go according to plan. The most prepared handle this by cultivating a state of mind that is prepared to deal with the unexpected, and really a state of mind that views discomfort as an inevitability, and an additional query they can put their mind to. When don’t dwell on what isn’t working, and instead utilize your powers of rationalization and problem solving, you can conquer these feelings before they even arise.

When unaffected by the subjective effect of a “negative” situation, the negative situation becomes instead a conquered box in checklist on your way to accomplishment.

Practice Mindfulness or Transcendental Meditation

We will go over meditation and mindfulness more in a future post, for now, let’s just say that by taking a moment out of your day to become acquainted with the moment, and the subtle sensibilities of living now, can be a refreshing surge of spirit and refocus you may never have known you were capable of summoning.

The type of meditation won’t matter at first. Be mindful that an important principal of meditation is to take it with you, and whether you are “sitting” or not, the “realizations” of meditation are always occurring, and continue you with you after you get up and “begin” your day again.